Filming in Three Rivers

Information relating to filming in parks, open spaces, streets and car parks

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Filming in Three Rivers District

Beautiful natural landscapes and a wide variety of parks, gardens and outdoor spaces make Three Rivers District an ideal location for filming.

Please read all of the information provided to ensure you are submitting the correct filming request form. Please ensure you submit the required information at least 4 weeks before the date of filming.

Filming in parks and open spaces

For more information and to submit a filming request form for filming in our parks and open spaces, please visit our Filming in parks and open spaces page.

Filming in Three Rivers

Production companies wishing to film on public or council-owned land must submit an application and adhere to the relevant usage, fire and health and safety rules. For more information please visit our Filming in a street, road or car park

There is an administration charge £150.00 (incl. vat) for all filming applications.  Please note that refunds cannot be given if your filming submission is rejected, therefore please check that your filming location is within the district of Three Rivers.

Please note:  Filming is not usually permitted after 10pm.