New Local Plan

How we are planning for future growth and development in the district

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New Local Plan

We are preparing a new Local Plan that will set out how we plan for future growth and development in Three Rivers District. This plan will form the blueprint for how we will sustainably develop the district until 2038, including managing needs for housing, jobs and supporting infrastructure – for example, shops, community facilities, transport, open spaces, schools and healthcare.

The new Local Plan will identify possible sites for development and will set out the policies against which we will assess planning applications.

We conducted a public consultation about the new Local Plan in 2021 with an additional consultation undertaken earlier this year:

Local Plan Regulation 18 consultations

Evidence base

We have conducted a variety of studies to help us develop the Local Plan. For more details, see our Evidence Base page.

Scoping report

Our consultants, TRL, prepared a Sustainability Scoping Report (PDF, 2 MB) that sets out the framework for the future strategic environmental appraisal and sustainability appraisal of the new Local Plan.

Consultation on the draft Scoping Report was conducted in 2017. Key consultees were contacted directly and asked for feedback on the report. Following this consultation, the Scoping Report was updated with the responses from stakeholders.