Houses in multiple occupation (HMO)

As set out by the Housing Act 2004, a property is considered an HMO if it is occupied by three or more unrelated tenants who share amenities, such as a kitchen and bathroom.

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HMO licensing

A license is required for all properties occupied by five or more tenants forming two or more households.

Failure to apply for a license or breaching the conditions attached to a license is an offence that carries the risk of prosecution and a fine of up to £20,000.

What standards must HMOs meet?

All HMOs in the Three Rivers District, whether licensed or unlicensed, must meet certain standards. All HMOs must comply with

Apply for a license

To apply for or renew an HMO license or request a safety inspection, contact the Customer Services Centre or use our online contact us form.

Public register

We maintain a public register of all HMOs licenced in the Three Rivers District. To request a copy of the register use our online contact us form.

If you suspect an unlicensed HMO

If you are aware of a house that is being offered for rent as an HMO but is not on the public register, please let us know by using our online contact us form.