Contact Details: Notice Boards

There are 40 Notice Boards around the district.  The list of Notice Boards can be downloaded here List of Noticeboards (pdf)

If you would like to display a poster on these Notice Boards, please send them to at the address below at least a month before the event.

Please note that the noticeboards priority is that they are used for advertising Three Rivers business e.g. committee meetings, parish councils use, free community events and exhibitions etc. 

The aim of community notice boards is to inform local people about what is going on in their area; providing information from the Council, Parish Councils, Police and other partner organisations as well as information on free activities run by local communities and organisations.

Notices are displayed at the discretion of the organisation managing the board based on a set of priorities.

As space is limited, the display of posters and other information is based on the following priorities:

  • Statutory information e.g. electoral register notices, notice of elections
  • Three Rivers District Council information e.g., council meetings
  • Parish Councils information
  • Policing information and activities
  • Local commercially organised events where there is deemed to be an over-riding benefit to the local community and where the aims coincide with those of Three Rivers District Council
  • Promotion of diverse and inclusive events and activities, in keeping with the Council’s values, which are anti-discrimination of any kind
  • Details of community organisations, activities and meetings
  • Local community organised events, courses and general information.

The council cannot guarantee to post your flyers up or have them up to the date of the event as other matters may take preference.

The noticeboards cannot be used to promote businesses or for any other commercial purposes. 

The Council reserves the right to determine what can and cannot be posted on their Notice Boards.