Contact Details: Filming in Three Rivers

If you are filming in any of our Parks or open spaces, please visit: 

Permission to film in Three Rivers 

Any companies wishing to film in Three Rivers District must make the Council aware as a matter of course, regardless of whether the proposed location is public, private or Council-owned land, and provide certain information to the Council. The Council has the right to object to proposed filming, and production companies would be unwise to proceed if the Council raises such an objection. 

Please note that an administration fee of £150 inc. VAT applies to all applications: complete the form here.    

The production company must obtain the Council’s agreement and adhere to the usage/fire/health and safety rules applicable to the property in question. 

A minimum of £5 million public liability insurance is required. The production company must produce a copy of the relevant insurance and email it to before shooting starts.

The need for insurance is governed by statutory obligation. 

The production company will be expected to indemnify the local authority, its officers and employees against any claims or proceedings arising directly from any injury to persons or damage to property as a result of the activities of the production company or its agents. 

There is a day rate charge to film in a Council-owned building or where filming would restrict public access to a Council site. This is approximately £500 per day plus VAT. This rate would increase if any significant additional work were required, for example access to buildings, opening/closing sites outside of normal working hours etc. 

It is the producer’s responsibility to ensure that all litter is removed immediately at the end of each day’s filming and that the location and its surrounding area are returned to the same condition in which they were found. The production company may ask the Council’s streetcare services to remove litter – such services will be provided at additional cost. 

The crew member responsible for the location should check, before leaving the site, that all property has been restored to its original state.

The production company must make good any damage or mess caused. 

Requests to film on Council-owned land or on private property are subject to the Council’s or the owner’s permission respectively, and are not guaranteed. 

Filming Request Received 

On receipt of a request to film in Three Rivers, the Communications section at Three Rivers District Council must obtain and record the following information from the production company before filming can proceed. 

  • Company name, production name and description, contact details
  • Dates and times of proposed filming
  • Location of proposed filming
  • Number of people on site
  • Number and type of vehicles on site
  • Amount of equipment on site
  • Whether parking dispensations or permission is required
  • How much noise would be expected? 

Production Company Actions 

The production company requesting to film in the district must carry out the following actions before filming can proceed, ideally at least a week in advance depending on the scale of the production. 

  • Sent a copy of their Public Liability Insurance to
  • Draft and forward a copy of any leaflet/letter to the Three Rivers District Council Communications section or the email address at the top of the application form - prior to distribution
  • Leaflet/letter or door step residents around the filming location including details of what will be taking place and a contact telephone number
  • Contacted Hertfordshire Highways and/or Hertfordshire Constabulary if necessary (see below for when this is required)
  • Contacted the Parish Council for the area to advise them of the filming proposal.  

Three Rivers District Council Actions 

If there are no objections to the proposed filming, the Communications section will carry out the following: 

  • If the requested location is Council-owned land, involve the Property Services department to arrange permission and fees etc.
  • For larger productions, we would contact the Ward Councillor in the filming location to inform them it is taking place and the three Group Leaders if necessary (very large productions only)
  • Liaise with the Council’s Parking provider to confirm any parking required in restricted areas e.g. yellow lines/resident parking bays. A further fee may be due if parking suspensions/dispensations are required
  • Contact Three Rivers District Council Environmental Health Department to advise of any anticipated noise/disturbance or possible complaints.

Parking arrangements 

Pay and display machine suspensions and yellow line dispensations may be granted for technical commercial vehicles only, with the prior arrangement of the Council’s Parking Service.  

Residents’ parking will not be suspended for filming or for the parking of technical vehicles unless the prior agreement of the Parking Service is obtained.  

Registration details of all vehicles will be required, and on completion of the relevant paperwork to be submitted to the Parking Service, the suspension of or dispensation from parking restrictions may be provided:

Additional charges in respect of parking dispensations, waivers and Council Officer time will be invoiced separately from basic filming fees. 

If you have any questions regarding parking associated with filming or wish to contact the Council’s Parking Service please contact Officers at Hertsmere BC who currently provide the Council’s parking enforcement services. 

They can be contacted on 0208 207 7422 from 9am to 5.15pm Monday - Thursday or 9am to 5pm on Fridays (excluding Bank Holidays) or via email:

Hertfordshire Highways/Hertfordshire Constabulary 

Requests to film on public roads in the district must be directed to Hertfordshire Highways as the local Highways authority. 

If such filming requires the temporary closure of a public road, both Hertfordshire Highways and Hertfordshire Constabulary should be contacted by the production company: 

In order to stop traffic and close a road, generally a Traffic Report Order is required from Hertfordshire Constabulary, which must be requested six weeks in advance. 

If insufficient advance notice is given, road closure is at Hertfordshire Constabulary’s discretion and will involve a charge to the production company for police time.

There are also a number of private roads in the district, mainly in the Moor Park estate. Permission to film on and close these roads must be directed to those responsible for them, e.g. Moor Park (1958) Ltd.