Young newsreaders take over a screen near you!

Emma Robinson25th June 2008

Two teenagers working on the DVDWant to find out more about the 3 Rs in Three Rivers? Then check out 3R News!

A group of local teenagers have recently finished filming the innovative news-style DVD focusing on the 3 Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle.

From planning the news-style format, to scripting, to choosing locations and finally to hands-on filming, sound and editing, the group of teenagers got involved with everything.  

Hayley, 14, said: 

"The studio filming part of the project was especially fun. We learnt loads of new stuff. I didn't realise how much rubbish we throw away, lots of it could be recycled. I hope the video will show people our age what they can recycle."

14-year-old Abi also enjoyed the project, commenting:

"I really enjoyed making the DVD as we got to visit Waterdale transfer station (sort of like a landfill site) and look round the areas the public don't get to see. I was amazed at how much rubbish we produce; the dustbin lorries just kept coming. I have realised the importance of recycling!"

Some of the teenagers who made the DVD3R News had its big screen premiere during the Rickmansworth Local Area Forum at Three Rivers District Council on Tuesday evening, playing to a large audience of residents and Councillors. Feedback from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Why not take a look and see what you think? Residents can see the young presenters and reporters in action by searching 'youth DVD'.

The project was funded by Three Rivers District Council and created with the help of Youth Connexions Hertfordshire.