Work continues on The Bury site

Updated: 25 October 2018

Work continues apace on the Bury Lane , Rickmansworth site

Three Rivers District Council continues to help, protect, serve and provide housing needs for some of our vulnerable residents. Work continues apace on the Bury Lane , Rickmansworth and will offer temporary accommodation through the 17 modular homes now on site. The dwellings revolutionise the way housing is planned, procured and designed to provide affordable, sustainable homes for our community.

Adopting new technologies is not just a matter of innovation in materials and construction methods, but also challenging for the transport company to get these units on site. The deliveries of the flats took place in September, on time and safely despite the wind and rainy weather conditions.

Leader of the Council, Sara Bedford said: “We are committed to tackling homelessness on many fronts; we want our community to have more affordable homes, and provide more cost-effective  temporary accommodation in our district for those who sadly find themselves without a roof over their heads.”

Dr Steven Halls, Chief Executive, added: “I would like to thank our residents for their cooperation and interest in the ongoing project. We are always looking at new, creative approaches to tackle the challenges head-on so we can continue to provide homes. We need to carry on coming up with innovative solutions with partners and overcome any barriers.”

The next phase is now well underway with brick cladding being put in place finished off with wood panels to match those in properties nearby. The building even has solar panels. Weather permitting, the homes will be occupied by Christmas.

The Council continues to make a difference by creating a great future for Three Rivers District residents.