Three Rivers District Council praised by Batchworth Community Council

20th December 2018

Batchworth Community Council extended their sincere thanks and appreciation of Three Rivers. 

They said; “Thanks the Council for their expertise, support and advice on many on-going projects ranging from the BT Phone Box which was handled by the Council’s Planning Services department; the Parish Notice Board ; to their planned Community Event held in Eastbury on 29 November. 

They also passed their thanks for the way the Council’s Leisure Services helped with Bury Gardens; the new CCTV camera for Rickmansworth which the Community Safety Officer arranged. 

Mike Kennedy, Batchworth Community Council said: “It is good to see that the working relationships between our two Councils grow stronger. I recall when we first met that I mentioned the importance of partnership working and Batchworth adding value to the already excellent work you undertake on behalf of our communities. We are moving together in the right direction.” 

Dr Steven Halls received personal thanks for the suggestion that Three Rivers undertake the clearance of Northway Triangle, which Batchworth Council supported and were pleased to commission to Three Rivers. He added: “We are working in partnership, working together to create a great future for the Three Rivers District and its residents. We want to carry on making a difference through every opportunity when wanted and needed.”