Recycling rate hits 50%

Updated: 9 June 2011

Residents in Three Rivers have recycled over 50% of their waste in the past year and the changes to refuse and recycling collections could see the rate...

Residents in Three Rivers have recycled over 50 per cent of their waste in the past year and the changes to refuse and recycling collections could see the rate top 60 per cent in the next few years.

Following your requests, the brown bin collection, of food, cardboard and garden waste, will be made on a weekly basis, rather than fortnightly, commencing on 13 June. The refuse bins, for rubbish that cannot be recycled or composted will switch from weekly to fortnightly.

Councillor Phil Brading, Cabinet Member for Public Services and Health, said; “Thanks to the fantastic efforts of our residents we are now recycling over 50 per cent of our waste. But we could do better. The change in collections will hopefully lead to Three Rivers residents recycling up to 60 per cent of their waste.”

Speaking on the changes to collections Councillor Brading said; “We currently spend only £1.37 per household per week on collecting your refuse and recycling and this is likely to decrease over the next few years. The frequency of collections has not changed and any food waste that can rot or smell will still be collected weekly. The change in collections will also reduce the cost to the council taxpayer in landfill charges and landfill tax for disposing of household waste.”

Graham Everett of the Watford Friends of the Earth supports the change. Graham said “The local Friends of the Earth group welcomes Three Rivers move to weekly organic refuse collections. This makes sense now that so little needs to go in our green bins, because most waste can be recycled or composted. It will also help any residents concerned about food waste sitting in their brown bins too long.”

Councillor Brading added “The existing Council policy of ‘no side waste’ will still apply to your green refuse bin. This means only refuse placed in your green wheeled bin, with the lid closed, will be collected.  If you are recycling everything you can you should not have much left over for your green refuse bin. Your brown bin is for ALL food waste, cardboard and garden waste. If you would like additional capacity for extra garden waste you may have a second brown bin at a charge of £104 per year.”