Paper round and round again

PR 66623rd August 2006

Paper round and round again

Three Rivers District Council has now switched to using recycled paper. The District Council has been recycling its office paper for over 10 years in order to protect the environment. This latest move means that recycled paper is used by the Council and then recycled again after disposal.

Modern production methods mean that recycled paper can be used for official letters and documents without a loss of quality or an increase in cost.

Last year Three Rivers residents recycled 3,600 tonnes of paper through kerbside and green banks. Three Rivers residents are the best in Hertfordshire for recycling, with an overall rate last year of 40.4% of rubbish.

Three Rivers households will all be sent a leaflet updating them on recycling arrangements by Friday 1 September. The District Council also aims to publish its leaflets on recycled paper or paper from sustainable forests.