New online platform is one stop shop for volunteering opportunities

20th January 2022


A new online platform has been launched as a one stop shop to advertise all volunteering opportunities across Watford and Three Rivers. 

The platform, called Golden, is hosted  by Watford & Three Rivers Trust (W3RT) and will make it easier for local groups to recruit and manage their volunteering opportunities in the local area.

It already features more than 250 registered users and 34 opportunities from 15 different organisations with more being added all the time. 

Volunteering even a small amount of time could make a big difference to the local community. It’s also fun too. 

By volunteering you can: 

  • Gain new skills and boost your CV
  • Make a difference in your local community
  • Meet new people with similar interests to you
  • Put your existing experience to good use for a good cause

Find your Golden volunteering opportunity today at: or contact to find out more.