Hate Crime support

Updated: 22 June 2015

Below shows a list of support available for victims of hate crime or hate incidents.

  • Beaumont Society  offer support to the Trans* community
  • Galop  offer support for the LGBT*Q+ community
  • Disability Watford  is a Watford and Three Rivers based information and support group for people with disability
  • Community Security Trust (CST)  is a charity that aims to protect British Jews from anti-Semitic threats
  • Tell MAMA  is a national project that monitors anti Muslim attacks and can provide support to victims of Islamophobic hate crime.
  • Eastern European Resource Centre  supports Eastern European communities including those who require support following hate crime
  • Karma Nirvana  support victims of honour based abused and forced marriages
  • Three Rivers Community Support Service  provides advice, information and holistic support to people where hate crime has impacted their mental health
  • Beacon  is Hertfordshire's is a care centre for victims
  • Gate Herts  is a support service and hate crime centre for members of the travelling community