Councillor breaches code of conduct

Updated: 28 June 2012

On 28 June 2012 the Standards Committee Hearing Panel of Three Rivers District Council considered allegations made against Councillor Guy Davis...

A Three Rivers District Councillor has been found in breach of the Council’s Code of Conduct following a hearing before the Standards Committee.

At a hearing on 28 June 2012, Councillor Guy Davis, who was not present, was found in breach of three provisions of the Council’s Code of Conduct which all elected members pledge to uphold.

The breaches included failing to treat an officer with respect, bullying the officer and bringing his office and the Authority into disrepute by making offensive remarks which were copied to a member of the public and failing to offer an apology.

Chairman of the Standards Committee Nigel Gates said:

“This is a waste of council taxpayers’ money which could have been avoided at an early stage with an apology. The fact Councillor Davis failed to attend the hearing or respond to any of the many communications shows his complete and utter contempt for this process.”

The Standards Committee, which acted following a complaint, recommended that the Council should publicly censure Councillor Guy Davis in respect of his failure to comply with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

The Standards Committee for Three Rivers will be phased out on 30 June 2012 following the abolition of the Standards Board for England on 1 April 2012.  A new, independent complaints advisor will provide advice to the District Council's Hearing Panel in the event of future complaints against District or Parish Councillors in relation to the District or Parish Councils’ Codes of Conduct.  The role of the Independent Person will be undertaken by Nigel Gates.

Summary of Findings of Standards Committee Hearing Panel 28 June 2012 (pdf)