Finding a Slice of Happiness at South Oxhey event

25th April 2022


Residents living in temporary accommodation in South Oxhey received some top tips on staying healthy and how to access support at an event organised by Three Rivers District Council’s Community Engagement team.

Health and wellbeing professionals including a local GP, health visitor and mental health support worker gave a series of presentations and were on hand to answer questions.

Residents also heard from Caroline Powell (pictured), the founder of charity A Slice of Happiness, who has herself been through and overcome homelessness.

Dami Fashakin, the council’s Health Inequalities Officer said: “Our research shows that lack of time is one of the main barriers preventing residents from accessing healthcare, so we thought it would be great to have health professionals go directly to them.”

“The presentations were all really interesting and informative and the residents now know where to go for support and information about a whole range of health and wellbeing issues.”

Dr Marie Anne Essam, a GP from Pathfinder Practice, added “It was so good to see the local district council reaching out to this group of residents in South Oxhey who benefited from a personal, informal and informative offer to consider their opportunities to improve health and well-being. Really look forward to more of this in South Oxhey. Many thanks to all the team.”