Planning Committee - 23 February 2017

23 February 2017
Planning Committee - Agenda and Reports



For a meeting to be held in the Penn Chamber, Three Rivers House, Rickmansworth, on Thursday 23 February 2017 at 7.30pm.

Members of the Planning Committee:-

Councillors:-        Chris Whately-Smith (Chairman)        Chris Lloyd (Vice-Chairman)

Phil Brading      David Major

Marilyn Butler      Debbie Morris

Peter Getkahn      Reena Ranger

Alex Hayward      Ann Shaw OBE

Stephen King

Steven Halls, Chief Executive
14 February 2017

The Planning Committee welcomes contributions from members of the public to its discussion on agenda items. Contributions will be limited to one person speaking for and one against each item for not more than three minutes. Please note that, in the event of registering your interest to speak on an agenda item but not taking up that right because the item is deferred, you will automatically be given the right to speak on that item at the next meeting of the Planning Committee. Details of the procedure and the list for registering the wish to speak will be available for a short period before the meeting.

In accordance with The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 any matters considered under Part I business only of the meeting may be filmed, recorded, photographed, broadcast or reported via social media by any person.

Recording and reporting the Council’s meetings is subject to the law and it is the responsibility of those doing the recording and reporting to ensure compliance. This will include the Human Rights Act, the Data Protection Act and the laws of libel and defamation.



To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2017.

17 01 19 PC mins


Items of other business notified under Council Procedure Rule 30 to be announced, together with the special circumstances that justify their consideration as a matter of urgency. The Chairman to rule on the admission of such items.


To receive any declarations of interest.

Where a member of this Planning Committee is also a member of a Parish Council he/she is entitled to take part in any debate at this Committee on an application within that Parish area provided that the Councillor

  • has an open mind about the application
  • is not bound by the views of the Parish Planning Committee and
  • can deal with the application fairly and on its merits at Committee

Subject to the above the Councillor will declare a registrable non-pecuniary interest in the item as a member of the Parish Council and will be entitled to stay speak and vote


5. The following applications (agenda items 6 to 8) are submitted for the Committee’s decision and, unless otherwise stated, staffing, financial and legal implications are not applicable. Environmental implications are dealt with in the individual reports.

6. 16/2497/FUL - Demolition of 2 x 3 storey office buildings (Units 3 and 4 Wolsey Business Park) and erection of 1 x 8 storey mixed use building (plus 3 storey basement) to include 401 residential units, leisure and communal facilities (including gym, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, crèche, projector room and coffee shop), retail, roof garden, internal arboretum and parking. Erection of 2 x 4 storey office (Class B1) buildings. Associated works, at SYMBIO POINT, UNITS 3 & 4 WOLSEY BUSINESS PARK, TOLPITS LANE, WATFORD, RICKMANSWORTH, HERTFORDSHIRE, WD18 9BL, for RSquare Properties Ltd.

17 02 23 PC i (06) 16-2497-FUL

7. 16/2554/FUL - Studio parking deck to provide 2,150 additional parking spaces, bicycle store, security office, post room facilities and rearrangement of internal vehicular circulation at WARNER BROS. STUDIOS LEAVESDEN, WARNER DRIVE, LEAVESDEN, HERTFORDSHIRE, WD25 7LP for Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden

17 02 23 PC i (07) 16 2554 FUL Warner Bros Studios

8. 16/2594/FUL – Erection of 10 metre high noise retention wall and associated landscaping at SUB STATION NORTH OF SILK MILL ROAD, RIVERSIDE ROAD, OXHEY HALL, HERTFORDSHIRE for National Grid

17 02 23 PC i (08) Sub Station_10mWall

9. 16/2614/FUL - Variation of Condition 2 (plan numbers) of planning permission 16/0841/RSP (Part Retrospective: Two storey front extension; first floor front extension, extension to roof including increase in ridge height; rear dormers; alterations to fenestration; demolition of existing detached garage and alterations to access and to landscaping to provide additional hardstanding) to include alterations to fenestration at 19 LYNWOOD HEIGHTS, RICKMANSWORTH, WD3 4ED for Mr Bob Singh

17 02 23 PC i (09) 16 2614 FUL 19 Lynwood Heights Rickmansworth

10. 16/2683/FUL - Demolition of Public House and erection of one three-storey and one two-storey residential block, comprising a total of 33 flats with associated parking and landscaping, at THE GRAPEVINE PUBLIC HOUSE, PRESTWICK ROAD, SOUTH OXHEY, WD19 6XY, for Watford Community Housing Trust

17 02 23 PC i (10) 16-2683-FUL Preliminary

11. 16/2741/FUL - Redevelopment of the site to provide 40 residential dwellings in three apartment blocks, with Block 1 and Block 2 extending to four storeys in height, and Block 3 extending to three storeys in height with associated underground car parking, private and communal amenity space, refuse and cycle storage. Creation of second access off Eastbury Avenue at FORMER POCKLINGTON HOUSE EASTBURY AVENUE, NORTHWOOD, MIDDLESEX, HA6 3LN for Thomas Pocklington Trust Limited

17 02 23 PC i (11) 16 2741 FUL Pocklington House Eastbury Avenue Northwood

12. 16/2753/FUL – Demolition of existing bungalow and construction of two pairs of semi-detached dwellings including accommodation in roofspace and ancillary works including alterations to land levels and associated parking and landscaping at HARADWAITH, HOMEFIELD ROAD, CHORLEYWOOD, HERTS, WD3 5QJ for Mr Ford

17 02 23 PC i (12) 16-2753-FUL Comm Report Haradwaith

13. 17/0071/FUL – Single storey front extension and alterations to frontage at 72 MOOR LANE, RICKMANSWORTH, HERTFORDSHIRE, WD3 1LQ for Mr and Mrs R Goates

17 02 23 PC i (13) 72 Moor Lane Committee Report

14. OTHER BUSINESS – If approved under item 3 above.


If the Committee wishes to consider the remaining item in private, it will be appropriate for a resolution to be passed in the following terms:-

“that under Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972 the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following item(s) of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined under paragraphs (1 -7) of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Act. It has been decided by the Council that in all the circumstances, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.”

(Note: If other confidential business is approved under item 3, it will also be necessary to specify the class of exempt or confidential information in the additional items.)

1. OTHER BUSINESS – If approved under item 3 above.

Background Papers (used when compiling the above reports but they do not form part of the agenda)

  • Application file(s) referenced above
  • Three Rivers Core Strategy (adopted October 2011)
  • Development Management Policies LDD (adopted July 2013)
  • Site Allocations Local Development Document (SALDD) (adopted November 2014)
  • The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule (adopted February 2015)
  • Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance
  • National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Practice Guidance
  • Government Circulars
  • The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended)
  • Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)
  • Town and Country Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990
  • Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004
  • The Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006
  • The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010
  • The Localism Act (November 2011)
  • The Growth and Infrastructure Act (April 2013)
  • Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015
  • Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015