Healthy Hub


Healthy Hubs in Three Rivers are a “one-stop shop” where residents can get help, information, advice and guidance to boost their physical and mental health to help you stay healthy, happy and well.

We work with a range of professionals who can help you get the right service or activity for your needs.

Our Hubs are starting to offer face-to-face appointments and activities. You can also book and access services/activities by phone, email, post and zoom!

Healthy Hub Locations:

healthy-hub-combined-locations.pdf (pdf) 

ASCEND - Step UP, 39 Oxhey Drive, South Oxhey WD19 7SD

Monday- Thursday 9am-4pm

Services include help to:

  • Manage your weight
  • Give up smoking
  • Look after your mental health
  • Cut down on your drinking
  • Become more active
  • Get healthy eating advice
  • Reduce drug use and dependency
  • Join community groups and activities
  • Access Citizens Advice service
  • Get support as a carer
  • Find out about health events

To book an appointment contact Jane our Healthy Hub Officer on:

Check out ASCEND's new Healthy Hub page:

ASCEND Charity UK - Healthy Hub

Download a flyer healthy-hub-ascend.pdf (pdf)

Rickmansworth Foodbank - Methodist Church, Berry Lane,  WD3 7HJ

Tuesdays 12noon-3pm and Fridays 1pm-3pm.

Services include help to:

  • Look after your mental health
  • Becoming your more active
  • Access for free sexual health products (STD testing kits and condom packs).
  • Access Citizens Advice service
  • Join community groups and activities

To book an appointment or for more information contact Charlie on:

Download a flyer 

health-hub-mind-rickmanworth-2021.pdf (pdf)

healthy-hub-mind-sexual-health-.pdf (pdf)

Hillside Community Hub - School Mead, Abbotts Langley, WD5 0LA

Wednesdays 9am - 1.30pm

Services include;

  • Weight Management
  • Support to stop smoking
  • Looking after your Mental Health
  • Becoming more active
  • Reducing drinking and dependancy
  • Joining community Groups
  • Sexual Health Clinic
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Sign posting to support services
  • plus much much more

Please drop in or make an appointment to see Jane or Charlie

Charlie: 07375365329 or   

Jane: 07483104911 or email:  

 General Information

For general enquiries about the hubs contact:

Take the Health and Wellbeing Quiz to find out how healthy you are:

Other Local Support

Here you can find access to a range of other local support services: