Byelaws for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces

A byelaw is a local law which is made by a statutory body, such as a local authority, under an enabling power established by an Act of Parliament. Since byelaws create criminal offences, they cannot come into effect unless they have been confirmed by a Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Following the required consultation, approval of council and the Secretary of State, the byelaws were sealed on 5 October 2020 and will come into force on 4 November 2020 in respect of the parks and open spaces listed in the Schedules to the Byelaws. 

The byelaws will effect all of the open spaces owned by Three Rivers DC and cover the whole of the geographical district of Three Rivers. The byelaws below do not cover the common land in Three Rivers, which are covered by separate legislation and can be found here

These relate in the main to the peaceful enjoyment of parks and open spaces and the suppression of nuisances.

The byelaws may also be viewed here.

Byelaws for Pleasure Grounds, Public Walks and Open Spaces dated - 05-10-2020 (pdf)


List of open spaces included in the byelaws consultation

List of Open Spaces to be Included in the Byelaws Consultation (docx) 

Links to all PDFs of all maps

A: Abbots Langley

A1-AL_Abbotsmead Play Area (pdf)

A2-AL_Bedmond Green (pdf)

A3-AL_Cheshire Drive Open Space (pdf)

A4-AL_Dowding Way Open Space (pdf)

A5-AL_East Lane Cemetery North (pdf)

A6-AL_Furtherfield Tip Site (pdf)

A7-AL_Gade View Gardens (pdf)

A8-AL_Jacketts Field (pdf)

A9-AL_Langley Lane Play Area (pdf)

A10- AL_Leavesden Country Park North (pdf)

A11-AL_Leavesden Country Park South (pdf)

A12-AL_Tanners Hill (pdf)

A13-AL_Tanners Wood (pdf)

A14-AL_The Horses Field (pdf)

A15-AL_Rose Hill Gardens (pdf)

B: Chorleywood

B16-CW_Carpenters Wood (pdf)

B16-CW_Carpenters Wood Local Nature Reserve Map (pdf)

B17-CW_Chenie's Open Space (pdf)

B18-CW_Chorleywood House Estate and Grounds Local Nature Reserve Map (pdf)

B18-CW_Chorleywood House Estate and Grounds (pdf)

B18-CW_Land to the West of Chorleywood House Drive (pdf)

B19-CW_Home Wood, South Park Avenue (pdf)

B20-CW_Pheasants Wood (pdf)

B21-CW_Solomon's Wood (pdf)

B22-CW_The Swillett Playing Fields (pdf)

B23-CW_Wearing's Field (pdf)

C: Croxley Green

C24-CG_Baldwin's Lane Playing Fields (pdf)

C25-CG_Barton Way Playing Fields (pdf)

C26-CG_Cassiobridge Recreation Ground (pdf)

C28-CG_Croxley Hall Woods Local Nature Reserve Map (pdf)

C29-CG_Dickinson Square (pdf)

C30-CG_River Chess Walk (pdf)

C31-CG_Scotsbridge Playing Fields (pdf)

C34-CG_Windmill Drive (pdf)

E: Maple Cross

E35-MC_Beechen Wood and Play Areas (pdf)

E36-MC_Franklin's Spring (pdf)

E38-MC_Longmore Close (pdf)

E39-MC_Maple Cross Recreation Ground (pdf)

F: Northwood

F41-NW_Eastbury Recreation Ground (pdf)

G: Oxhey Hall

G42-OH_Anthony Close (pdf)

G43-OH_Oaklands Avenue Play Area (pdf)

G44-OH_The Oaks (pdf)

H: Rickmansworth

H45-RW_Aquadrome and Bury Grounds (pdf)

H45-RW_Aquadrome Local Nature Reserve Map (pdf)

H47-RW_Bishop's Wood Local Nature Reserve (pdf)

H48-RW_Berry Lane Open Space inc Mead Place (pdf)

H49-RW_Old Chorleywood Road Cemetery (pdf)

H50-RW_Coombe Hill Road Open Space (pdf)

H51-RW_Ebury Play Area (pdf)

H52-RW_Fearney Mead Play Area (pdf)

H53-RW_Fortune Common (pdf)

H54-RW_Greenbroom Spring Wood (pdf)

H55-RW_King George V Playing Fields (pdf)

H56-RW_Long Spring, off Woodcock Hill (pdf)

H57-RW_Rickmansworth Golf Course (pdf)

H58-RW_Lime Avenue, inc Rickmansworth Park (pdf)

H58-RW_Rickmansworth Park, inc Lime Avenue (pdf)

H59-RW_Shepherds Close Dell, off Harefield Road (pdf)

H60-RW_Skidmore Way (pdf)

H61-RW_St Mary's Churchyard (pdf)

H62-RW_The Grove Wood, off Harefield Road (pdf)

H63-RW_The Queen Drive Play Area (pdf)

H64-RW_The Rose Gardens, Northway (pdf)

H65-RW_The Withey Beds Local Nature Reserve (pdf)

H66-RW_Woodcock Hill Cemetery (pdf)

H67-RW_Jordans Road (pdf)

I: South Oxhey

I70-SO_Birkdale Gardens (pdf)

I74-SO_Hartsbourne Wood (pdf)

I75-SO_Hallowes Cresent (pdf)

I76-SO_Hayling Road (1) (pdf)

I76-SO_Hayling Road (2) (pdf)

I76-SO_Hayling Road (3) (pdf)

I77-SO_Henbury Gardens.pdf

I78-SO_Huntercrombe Gardens (pdf)

I79-SO_Lincoln Drive Play Area (pdf)

I80-SO_ Oulton Way Play Area (pdf)

I81-SO_Oxhey Woods Local Nature Reserve Map (pdf)

I81-SO_Oxhey Woods (pdf)

I83-SO_Pond Wood (pdf)

I84-SO_Prestwick Road Meadows Local Nature Reserve Map (pdf)

I84-SO_Prestwick Road Meadows (pdf)

I85-SO_Prestwick Road Play Area (pdf)

I86-SO_Romilly Drive Playing Fields (pdf)

I87-SO_Sir James Altham Open Space (pdf)

I88-SO_South Oxhey Playing Fields (pdf)

I89-SO_The Centre Adjacent Land (pdf)

I90-SO_Woodhall Lane (pdf) 

J: Carpenders Park

J91-CP_Greenfield Open Space (pdf)

J92-CP_The Mead (pdf)

Leaflets of our Local Nature Reserves

Aquadrome LNR Leaflet (pdf)

Chorleywood House Estate LNR Leaflet (pdf)

Croxley Common Moor LNR Leaflet (pdf)

Oxhey Woods LNR Leaflet (pdf)

Prestwick Road Meadows LNR Leaflet (pdf)

The Withey Beds LNR Leaflet (pdf)