Website Performance and Statistics

As part of our commitment to providing quality web services, Three Rivers District Council uses an external website monitoring and reporting service to ensure that the website is available and performing satisfactorily. Our aim is to maintain the availability of this website at 99% or greater. Availability is the time when the website is accessible from the Internet, and is not subject to planned downtime, eg security back-ups or server maintenance.

The website is monitored to gather data regarding the number of visitors to the site and the number of times each page is viewed. This data is added to the table below each month.

Year / MonthPage ViewsUnique Users
2022 - October158,71136,397
2022 - September167,98840,653
2022 - August165,03739,951
2022 - July166,63739,096
2022 - June172,34248,194
2022 - May241,51560,099
2022 - April162,16245,111
2022 - March180,69053,405
2022 - February179,07144,013
2022 - January208,90150,622

Page Views
 - The number of times a visitor came to the site. If a visitor is idle longer than the idle-time limit, it is assumed that the visit was voluntarily terminated. If the visitor continues to browse the site after they reach the idle-time limit, a new visit is counted. The default idle-time limit is thirty minutes.

Unique Users - Individuals who visited the site during the report period. If someone visits more than once, they are counted only the first time they visit.