More information about buses and travel planning in Three Rivers district

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Bus travel planning

For information on bus services, visit the Intalink Partnership at www.intalink.org.uk

The Intalink Journey planner provides maps and timetables and even allows you to track the location of your bus.

Other Journey Planners are also available including the Travel line Journey Planner (providing routes and times for all travel in Great Britain) Transport for London (TFL) Journey Planner (for travel in and around London). You can find live bus times by using the Travel Line SMS service here.

Intalink tickets allow unlimited travel across Hertfordshire using a range of bus service operators, so you don't need to buy separate tickets for each route - ticket offers here www.intalink.org.uk/tickets

The Intalink Partnership represents the operators and Local Authorities in Hertfordshire to develop better coordinated bus and rail services. Intalink is currently producing a Plan to improve Bus Services. For more information, visit the Intalink Bus Service Improvement Plan page here.

Public bus services in Hertfordshire are provided by commercial firms, with some subsidised by Hertfordshire County or Three Rivers District Council, which contributes to five key routes around the District.