Paper (any colour) belongs with your RECYCLING.


Examples: Printer paper and letters.

Please remember: We do not accept paper towels, tissues, napkins, baking paper, wall paper or wrapping paper and greetings cards with foil, embellishments or glitter with your recycling. Paper stained with food, grease, paint, or dirt should be put in your residual bin.

Hints and tips: Put shredded paper into a paper bag or envelope to stop it blowing away.


  • When you use recycled paper instead of “virgin” paper, you are contributing to saving 7,000 gallons of water per ton of paper produced. You’re also offsetting the 900,000,000 trees per year chopped down to make paper.
  • It takes 70% less energy to recycle paper than it does to make it new from raw materials.

Recycling Bin