Mental health services for children and young people

On this page you will find information and contacts for mental health services and tools available to young people and children across the district.

Herts Mind Network

Herts Mind Network delivers essential health support in Hertfordshire, providing a range of support services. It offers a huge range of services directed specifically to young people, which include the following:

Wellbeing through learning courses free courses for 15-18 year olds to promote positive mental health and wellbeing through building confidence, improve coping strategies and support networks.

Young People's Helpline offers someone to talk to for those experience difficulty with their mental health and wellbeing. 


Kooth is an online mental wellbeing community that offers free, safe and anonymous support for young people. The Kooth discussion board provides an opportunity for young people to support one another allowing them to start or join a conversation on all sorts of subjects such as anxiety and relationships. 

Services for Young People

Services for Young People Hertfordshire offers a range of programmes to support young people with their health and emotional wellbeing, and to enable them to help other young people in their community.

It offers emotional wellbeing projects for 13-17 year olds who would like support with developing their emotional wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem, or are struggling with anxiety or low mood.

Other projects include Supporting You, which is a 10-week programme for young people aged 13-17 years old who are beginning to show very early signs of distress due to anxiety or low mood. 


YoungMinds is the UK's leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. The YM website also provides a huge amount of advice and information as well as coping strategies for a number of symptoms and feelings a young person may be going through.


ChildLine is available to anyone under 19 to help with any issue they’re going through. The service gives free, confidential access to trained counsellors are there to support you with whatever you are going through. The website also offers a number of helpful, interactive tools to help you manage and express the way you are feeling, such as:

Art Box is a space for writing down or drawing about your feelings, or anything you want. Being create can help you calm down or make sense of things

Gallery has all the images that you and other account users have chosen to share, it allows others to comment on images you have shared.

Calm Zone gives access to breathing exercises, activities, games and videos to help let go of stress. 


Samaritans is a registered charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide. There is a free and confidential call line that can be contacted anytime.


CAMHS (Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) are the NHS services that assess and treat young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties, the service is delivered across the whole of Hertfordshire.

CAMHS crisis clinician is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide advice to families and professionals about children/young people in a mental health crisis and/or to arrange an assessment if required.