Contact Details: Parking Enforcement

Parking PenaltyFollowing a change in legislation in 2010, the council can now carry out parking enforcement and issue a parking ticket to any vehicle that parks on, or in front of a dropped kerb, even if there are no yellow lines or other marked restrictions present. This service has been introduced to try and assist residents who have contacted the council with concerns about other people inconsiderately parking across dropped kerbs or their driveway entrances.

This new legislation refers to two different types of dropped kerbs – those allowing pedestrian access at pavement crossovers and those allowing access to a driveway for a residential or business purposes. In respect of driveways, enforcement can only be conducted at the request of the owner of the premises – this is to prevent tickets being issued to the residents’ car or to their visitors’ vehicles. However, parking close to a dropped kerb or blocking visibility sightlines is not considered a contravention under this new legislation. The offending vehicle actually has to be parked across the dropped section of the crossover.

Once a call has been made to Three Rivers Parking Service, a Civil Enforcement Officer will visit the property as soon as possible and once the resident has signed a request for parking enforcement, a ticket will be issued if applicable, but the vehicle will not be removed.

For more information on this service please call Three Rivers Parking Service on telephone 01908 223506 (please note the dialling code is 01908)