Sustainability and Carbon Impact Assessment

The Council's Local Development Framework will include policies requiring all new development proposals to work to achieve zero carbon emissions. These policies will include measures to minimise energy and water consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and counteract the effects of climate change, and secure renewable energy solutions.

In the interim the Council has approved planning policies to ensure that all proposed developments are designed and built to sustainable standards. These can be found in the Local Plan.

The Council has also adopted the following document:

Carbon Impact Assessment and Sustainability Statement

For certain developments (e.g. all new residential development of one unit and above and for all new commercial development) a carbon impact assessment and sustainability statement is encouraged* to demonstrate and verify compliance with climate change policy.  For further information and to submit an assessment for your proposal please go to the C-plan website.   

*Please Note – emerging Local Development Framework Policies will make this a requirement

Further Information at Planning Portal

Link to Planning Portal. Opens in new window See Planning Portal’s ‘Greener Homes’, a guide which looks at the main domestic microgeneration technologies and the different ways to make more efficient use of energy in the home.

Further Information at Building Futures

Building Futures  - an evolving web-based guide, designed to provide practical, user-friendly and up to date guidance on how to make development in Hertfordshire more sustainable and of a higher quality in design terms.

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