Proposed play areas

Chorleywood Wonder Wood

chorleywood-play.pngThe Wonder Wood on Chorleywood Common is to be a unique play space, in keeping with the natural environment. All equipment will be made from natural, raw, untreated English Oak wood. You can view more information about the proposed development on the Chorleywood Wonder Wood page.

Importance of play and considerations for new play areas

Play should be at the heart of children’s everyday lives and experiences throughout childhood. We want children to enjoy a healthy balance of structured and unstructured play in their leisure time. 

Play space needs to be of high quality and good design to attract children and families and become a valued part of the local environment. Poor quality, unimaginative space will not be attractive to children, will not be valued by the local community and will fall in to disuse and disrepair. Good design is a good investment.

New play areas and re-developments

Many of the play areas in the area have been created and managed by Three Rivers District Council. However, the council may also work with housing developers to create new playground, to cater for the new residents and ensure they have enough local sport and health facilities close by.

How is the play equipment chosen?

Whenever we create or refurbish one of our play areas, we make sure that the design allows all children to play together. We conduct a consultation with the local community who would be using the play area, local schools, play groups and hold a public consultation, so that everyone can express their views on how the play area should look. At consultation we always seek opinions and views of a wide variety of play area users, including children with an additional support needs and their parents or carers.

By assessing each play area design for the play value of the equipment in a range of movements such as swinging, rocking, balancing, crawling and agility, we try to ensure that our play areas give all children the opportunity to have a fun play experience. We also assess the level of inclusive play, play cooperation and natural play features. We recognise the benefits of having a free or slack space for children to be able to play freely and will always try to incorporate play mounds where we can to encourage rolling down a grassed area.

Inclusive play is about providing play opportunities for children regardless of their needs and abilities. Our play areas are designed to foster an environment that enables children of all abilities, backgrounds or other differences to enjoy play experiences.