Leisure Venues

Where are the leisure venues?

Three Rivers has a wide range of fitness and leisure activities for all ages and abilities. Leisure venues are located across the district and include William Penn Leisure Centre, The Centre in South Oxhey, Sir James Altham Swimming Pool, Watford Leisure Centre Woodside, YMCA Woodlands and Rickmansworth Golf Course. Click on the links below for more information.

Rickmansworth Golf Course

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Sir James Altham Swimming Pool


The Centre


William Penn Leisure Centre


Watford Leisure Centre, Woodside

Three Rivers residents can use this venue for the same rate as Watford residents. This is a 15% discount on the standard pay as you go rates. To access this discount you will need to sign up for an everyone active card and pay a £5 yearly fee. You will be required to provide proof of your address. We would recommend using a council tax bill for your property as well as I.D. that shows the same address if you are not the named Council tax payer. 

YMCA Woodlands

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