Help in the Home

Please find below a list of organisations that provide help around the house for those who need it.

Hertfordshire Home Security Service:


Home Security

  • Advice on home security, including rogue trading advice
  • Home security surveys
  • Fitting/maintaining locks on external doors and windows
  • Fitting/maintaining locks on external garage doors
  • Fitting prikka-strip panels on fencing or walls as well as side and rear gates.
  • Provide advise on how to register with utility companies’ priority services for vulnerable customers

Home Safety

  • Advice on fire safety
  • Fit appropriate smoke alarms
  • Referral of high risk properties to Community Protection

Falls Prevention

  • Advice on falls prevention
  • Securing loose cables and carpets, clearing trip hazards from paths and hallway
  • Marking the edges of steps (by painting)
  • General maintenance to ensure health and safety.

Telephone Number: 0208 438 2920
Fax number:0208 450 1751


  • Over 60s
  • Registered Disabled
  • Victim of Domestic Burglary
  • Victim of Domestic Violence
  • Those deemed vulnerable due to other factors

Handyperson Schemes

1) Watford Community Housing Trust Handy Person Service provides support for people in their own home by undertaking small repairs and odd jobs.

The Service is free for Trust tenants who are:

  • 60 years of age or older
  • aged 18 to 59 and who are assessed as disabled, vulnerable or on a low income.

More information is available from

Assisted Gardening

Watford Community Housing Trust  Assisted Gardening Programme is a free scheme whereby residents  can have their grass cut ten times between the first week of April and the last week of October.  The scheme also allows residents to have hedges cut twice throughout the year, once in June, and again in October. 

There is a limit to the number of residents that we are able to accept on to this scheme. The criteria for acceptance onto this scheme is as follows:

  • Must be a Trust tenant and live alone (or with another vulnerable person) AND
  • Have a disability and be in receipt of means tested benefits (disability for the purpose of administering this scheme includes a chronic medical condition which prevents you from tackling physical jobs effectively)OR
  • Be aged over 65 and in receipt of means tested benefit

More information is available from:

Lifeline and Telecare

1) Watford Community Housing Trust  lifeline  and telecare services provide from a basic emergency support unit to a full home environment system covering smoke detectors, bed and chair occupancy sensors, pill dispensers, fall detectors, flood detectors, property exit sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and gas detectors. More information is available at:

2) Hertfordshire  telecare services are available anywhere in Hertfordshire and according to need can include, community alarm, smoke detector, movement sensor , fall detector, gas detector, flood detector, bogus caller button, property exit sensor, and bed sensor. More information can be downloaded in the leaflet. telecare (472 KB) - DOWNLOAD

Hertfordshire Age UK – provide a range of services to support independent lining. 

More information is available at

Services include:

- In Touch – a free telephone support service
- Healthwise – a programme for people with early dementia and depression
- GP Link – help and advice from a GP surgery
- Home Matters – a free service to enable people to organise their finances
- Hospital discharge scheme
- Information and advice line
- Legal surgeries
- Mental Health hospital discharge
- Telephone Club – free service providing friendship to those that are alone or isolated
- Visiting scheme – free service which provides friendship and support in the home.