Get Set Perform


get-set-peform-circle-2.pngThese sessions use drama, movement, music and theatre techniques to help build people's confidence, communication skills and to encourage and build social inclusion. 

Participants have the opportunity to explore the broadest spectrum of theatre and gain unique performance experiences.

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£44 for 11 weeks. Carers go free
BOOKING IS REQUIRED call 01923 776611
Maximum 20 participants 
For people with a disability aged 18yrs +.

Using these tools gives people the opportunity to increase self-confidence and worth. We use theatre skills to support the development of everyone, no matter what ability. 

Dates for this term: Every Tuesday from 12.30pm-2pm, starting 9th January 2018

Find us at: Watersmeet, High Street, Rickmansworth WD3 1EH

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