Fly tipping


Fly tipping is the illegal depositing of waste on highways / Council or private land. It can range from one black refuse bag to huge deposits tipped out of construction vehicles.

The Environmental Protection Department has responsibility for removing fly tips from Council land. If it is relatively small it will be removed within 24 hours, however if it is over 5 cu. m, a grab lorry is required, which is hired in. This therefore lengthens the time needed for removal to up to 7 days (although every endeavour is made to remove it more quickly). If the fly tip is blocking the highways and causing an obstruction, it is the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council's Highways department to make the road safe within 24 hours. They can be contacted on 0300 1234 047.  Waste deposited on private land should be cleared by the land owner.

Fines and Reporting

As stated above fly tipping is an illegal offence for which under the Environmental Protection Act there is a maximum fine of £50,000 and / or 12 months imprisonment. The Council is keen to discourage fly tipping and so will work with the Environmental Agency and police to prosecute anyone we can prove has fly tipped. We investigate all fly tips reported and take the appropriate action to fine and recover costs.

It is also the responsibility of residents to notify us if they see anyone fly tipping waste of any kind, whether it be grass cuttings over a hedge or the large scale dumping by lorries. Do not approach these people or sort through rubbish.  Keep a safe distance and note the time, vehicle registration number and details of the waste.

Fly Tipping Information

flytipping-list-image.jpgPlease download the leaflets below for more information.

To report fly tipping please call the Customer Service Centre on 01923 776611 or e-mail

Domestic Duty of Care

All residents have a duty to ensure that waste produced by them is kept safe and is disposed of at a licensed disposal site.

Residents need to take all reasonable steps to ensure that their waste is disposed of properly. If you get someone else to remove your waste, you need to check that the person that is removing your waste is authorised to take it. If you are not sure whether someone is authorised you can check this with your local Environment Agency office or check online.

The Environmental Inspectors can ask for transfer notes for the waste which, if not produced can result in a £5,000 fine if the matter is taken to the Magistrates court.