Current Projects

Within Three Rivers there are a wide range of leisure and recreational activities. We have two Leisure Centres, Swimming pools, Golf Course and lots of outdoor leisure facilities such as play areas, skate parks, parkour, multi-use games areas (MUGA'S) and outdoor sports pitches. 

We have a programme of maintenance and review of all of these facilities and that includes looking to meet the changing needs of our community.

Below are the details of the current Leisure Projects that we are working on.

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Current Projects


Abbots Langley Leisure Project



Work on the above projects continues, please visit the project pages for more up to date details.


Consultations usually take place when there is a redevelopment of Leisure or recreational facilities and the council feel it's appropriate to get in contact with those who are going to be benefiting most. Our consultations are normally done at varying times in the day to make sure those in the local community are involved in the conversation and everyone's opinion is taken into account. We send out letters to the local residents (Example of a Residents Consultation Letter (doc)), put up flyers in the local area, use media and social media to let as many people as possible know what's happening.

Once we have designs for the redeveloped facility from contractors, they are shared with the local community.

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