Exciting Arts Opportunity for the Three Rivers Area

08th August 2019

Be part of something totally creative and totally new! 

Thanks to some recent Arts Council England funding, Hertfordshire Libraries are excited to offer members of the community the chance to get involved with our exciting new intergenerational project, ‘My Story’, which will be taking place at Oxhey Library during August and September.

We are recruiting young people (age 16-24) from the local community to take part in ten one-day workshops to create a collaborative art work, which will then be toured around five different libraries during Libraries Week in October. 

We can’t give you too many details about what form this arts presentation will take because that will be decided entirely by the participants of the workshops – it could be anything from a film or musical to an exhibition or interactive installation - the group will work with professional artists, performers and producers to turn their original concept into a reality. 

Inspiration will come from local residents’ stories and anecdotes of moving from their teenage years into adulthood. 

My Story is a great opportunity to learn new skills in the creative arts and use existing talents to support a community project. 

There will be ten workshops; the first two sessions are on Tuesday 6 August and Thursday 8 August at Oxhey Library.  

If this sounds like something that you, or somebody you know, would be interested in taking part in, there’s more information on our blog at  and expressions of interest can be sent to (don’t forget to include your name, age and contact number so someone can get back to you).