New closure order helps protects residents from anti-social behaviour

31st May 2017

Last week, Three Rivers District Council obtained a closure order on a property for three months following a series of incidents at the address. 

On 24 May 2017, a District Judge at St Albans Magistrates Court, granted Three Rivers District Council a premises closure order, under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, for 64 Tudor Way, Mill End, Rickmansworth. The flat is owned and managed by Thrive Homes. The power to obtain a closure order allows either the police or the local council to apply for the premises to be closed if there has been disorderly offensive or criminal behaviour at the premises.

The Council and local police, in partnership with Thrive Homes, gathered evidence to show that the accommodation was being used by various individuals engaging in behaviour which resulted in serious nuisance to members of the community and the judge agreed that an order was necessary to prevent the behaviour from continuing.

The order prevents anyone but the tenant and named officials from entering or remaining in the flat. Individuals previously using the premises for alcohol consumption, disorderly behaviour and disrupting the lives of neighbours will now face arrest if they are found in the premises.

The property will now remain closed for 3 months to any person other than the tenant and named persons and this should bring much needed peace and quiet to the local residents.  Anyone in breach of the closure order will face up to 51 weeks in jail, a fine or both.

Councillor Roger Seabourne, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety reports; “Another example of excellent partnership working and demonstrating, again, that Three Rivers District Council does not and will not tolerate Anti-Social Behaviour and will not hesitate to take appropriate swift and effective action when it is brought to our attention.”