Domestic violence: get help say safety experts

Kevin Snow11th March 2009

Women are being urged to get confidential help and support if they are suffering from domestic abuse. 

The recession may in some circumstances lead to more tension at home as people suffer with more financial pressures.  Other aggravating factors include alcohol as well as holiday periods, when families spend more time together. 

One Three Rivers resident, Debbie, said:

"I would definitely have got help earlier if I'd known what support was out there. No-one will take control without your permission."

Between the start of 2009 and International Women's Day (Sunday 8 March) Watford Women's Centre had 23 contacts with women suffering from domestic violence. Of these, three were from Three Rivers.

Chair of the Three Rivers Community Safety Partnership, Roger Seabourne, said:

"We believe that domestic abuse is underreported. It is not just physical violence but also emotional abuse and withholding money. Children can suffer psychological damage even if they are not being directly harmed. Don't live in denial - please get help in confidence if you are at all concerned." 

Both women and men should seek help if they are suffering. The Hertfordshire Domestic Violence Abuse Helpline provides confidential information 0808 808 8088.

Residents should ring 999 in an emergency.

Debbie's name has been changed.