Development Control Committee - 17 November 2005

Penn Chamber, Three Rivers House17th November 2005


For a meeting to be held in the Penn Chamber, Three Rivers House, Rickmansworth, on Thursday, 17 November 2005 at 7.30pm.

Members of the Committee:-

Councillors Sara Bedford (Chairman), Phil Brading (Vice-Chairman)

Chris Brearley CB

Chris Lloyd

Nena Spellen

Richard Struck

Roy Clements

Amrit Mediratta

Ron Spellen


Geoffrey Dunne

Ann Shaw OBE

Leonard Spencer


Tony Beirne, Director of Strategic Services
10 November 2005

The Development Control Committee welcomes contributions from members of the public to its discussion on agenda items. Contributions will be limited to one person speaking for and one against each item for not more than three minutes. Please note that, in the event of registering your interest to speak on an agenda item but not taking up that right because the item is deferred, you will automatically be given the right to speak on that item at the next meeting of the Development Control Committee. Details of the procedure and the list for registering the wish to speak will be available for a short period before the meeting.






To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 20 October 2005.

05 10 20 DC mins (doc)




Items of other business notified under Council Procedure Rule 31 to be announced, together with the special circumstances which justify their consideration as a matter of urgency. The Chairman to rule on the admission of such items.




The following applications (agenda items 5 to 25) are submitted for the Committee's decision and, unless otherwise stated, staffing, financial and legal implications are not applicable. Environmental implications are dealt with in the individual reports.


04/0507/FUL - Retrospective: Changes to ground levels on the site of residential development at the HIGHLANDS, OXHEY for Aldwyck Housing Association (Deferred Item)

05 11 17 DC i - (05) 04 0507 ful - highlands (doc)


05/0864/FUL - Change of use of stables into habitable accommodation at VALLEY FARM, MOOR LANE, SARRATT for Mr and Mrs T Shiels (Deferred Item)

05 11 17 DC i - (06) 05 0864 ful - valley farm (doc)


05/0946/FUL - Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a replacement dwelling at TALL TREES, LOUDWATER DRIVE, LOUDWATER for BFD Management (Deferred Item)

05 11 17 DC i - (07) 05 0946 ful - tall trees (doc)


05/1121/FUL - Removal of condition 2 of planning permission w/1066/65: To allow care home to be used for people with disabilities at CARLISLE HOUSE, 196 HIGH STREET, RICKMANSWORTH, for Caretech Community Services (Deferred Item)

05 11 17 DC i - (08) 05 1121 ful - carlisle house (doc)


05/1180/FUL - Two storey side and rear extensions, single storey side and single storey porch at 38 CHESTNUT AVENUE, RICKMANSWORTH for Mr and Mrs Barchha (Deferred Item)

05 11 17 DC i - (09) 05 1180 ful - 38 chestnut avenue (doc)


05/0614/FUL - Erection of 2 blocks containing 20 flats in total, conversion of existing workshop into flat with associated access, parking and landscaping at LAND REAR OF AND INCLUDING 18-20 EBURY ROAD, RICKMANSWORTH for Brookworth Developments Ltd


05/0615/CAC - Conservation Area Consent : Demolition of two dwellings (18 and 20 Ebury Road) at LAND REAR OF AND INCLUDING 18-20 EBURY ROAD, RICKMANSWORTH for Brookworth Developments Ltd

05 11 17 DC i - (10) 05 0614 ful And 05 0615 cac - 18-20 ebury road (doc)


05/1242/LBC - Listed Building Consent: Conversion of barn for B1 use at OXHEY HALL, HAMPERMILL LANE, OXHEY HALL, for Three Valleys Water Plc


05/1249/FUL - Conversion of existing barn and outbuildings to create a mixed residential and commercial use and erection of garages at OXHEY HALL, HAMPERMILL LANE, OXHEY HALL, for Three Valleys Water Plc

05 11 17 DC i - (11) 05 1242 lbc And 05 1249 ful - oxhey hall (doc)


05/1257/FUL - Demolition of existing building and erection of four-storey building consisting of 19 flats with associated car parking at NAPIER HOUSE, WHARF LANE, RICKMANSWORTH, for Barratt Homes Ltd

Application withdrawn


05/1317/FUL - Erection of a temporary dwelling at BULLSCROFT FARM, NORTH HILL, CHORLEYWOOD, HERTS, for Mr D Unwin

05 11 17 DC i - (13) 05 1317 ful - bullscroft farm (doc)


05/1340/FUL - Erection of a 0.3m telecommunication dish antenna on existing telecommunications mast at CHORLEYWOOD HOUSE ESTATE, RICKMANSWORTH ROAD, CHORLEYWOOD for BT Group PLC

05 11 17 DC i - (14) 05 1340 ful - bt group plc (doc)


05/1358/FUL - Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a three storey building comprising of four apartments with associated parking at BAY TREE COTTAGE, 4 BERKS HILL, CHORLEYWOOD for Yeoman Homes Ltd

Application withdrawn


05/1362/FUL - Erection of four, 3-bedroom dwellings with associated parking at 9 POPES ROAD, ABBOTS LANGLEY for Stratford Developments

05 11 17 DC i - (16) 05 1362 ful - 9 popes road (doc)


05/1375/FUL - Single storey front extension at FAIRWAY INN PUBLIC HOUSE, RICKMANSWORTH MUNICIPAL GOLF CLUB, for Three Rivers District Council

05 11 17 DC i - (17) 05 1375 ful - fairway inn (doc)


05/1403/FUL - Amendment to Planning Application 03/0822/FUL: Demolition of dwelling and erection of two dwellings at 32 BERKS HILL, CHORLEYWOOD FOR RECTORY HOMES LTD

05 11 17 DC i - (18) 05 1403 ful - 32 berks hill (doc)


05/1419/PDNT - Erection of 10.56m telecommunication mast (replica lamp post) with three antennas and associated equipment outside 191 BALDWINS LANE, for Hutchinson 3G UK Ltd

05 11 17 DC i - (19) 05 1419 pdnt - 191 baldwins lane (doc)


05/1422/FUL - Herts County Council Consultation: Extension of household waste recycling centre at THREE RIVERS HOUSEHOLD WASTE SITE, RIVERSIDE DRIVE, RICKMANSWORTH for Hertfordshire County Council

05 11 17 DC i - (20) 05 1422 ful - riverside drive (doc)


05/1440/FUL - Installation of telecommunications antennae (for use by Vodafone, O2 and Hutchison 3G) within church spire with new roofing materials to spire and associated equipment cabins within the church grounds at ALL SAINTS CHURCH, THE GREEN, CROXLEY GREEN for QS4 Ltd

05 11 17 DC i - (21) 05 1440 ful - all saints church (doc)


05/1471/FUL - Erection of detached dwelling at land adjacent to 20 COPTHORNE ROAD, for Mr Martin Conway

05 11 17 DC i - (22) 05 1471 ful - 29 copthorne road (doc)


05/1476/FUL - Creation of new car park at land adjacent to 309 BALDWINS LANE, for Three Rivers District Council

05 11 17 DC i - (23) 05 1476 ful - 309 baldwins lane (doc)


05/1479/FUL - Erection of detached dwelling with rear dormer windows at 30 VALLEY ROAD, RICKMANSWORTH, for Mr and Mrs A Charnley

05 11 17 DC i - (24) 05 1479 ful - 30 valley road (doc)


05/1489/HCR3 - Hertfordshire County Council Application for Single storey extension to provide two classrooms at SARRATT JMI SCHOOL, THE GREEN, SARRATT

05 11 17 DC i - (25) 05 1489 hcr3 - sarratt jmi school (doc)


OTHER BUSINESS - If approved under item 3.




If any confidential business is approved under Item 3, it will also be necessary to specify the class of exempt or confidential information in the additional item(s) and a resolution to be passed in the following terms:-


"that under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined under the respective paragraphs of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Act."


OTHER BUSINESS - if approved under item 3.