Development Control Committee - 14 December 2006

Penn Chamber, Three Rivers House14th December 2006


For a meeting to be held in the Penn Chamber, Three Rivers House, Rickmansworth, on Thursday, 14 December 2006 at 7.30pm.

Members of the Committee:-

Councillors Sara Bedford (Chairman), Geoffrey Dunne (Vice-Chairman)

Phil Brading

Amrit Mediratta

Ron Spellen

Mark Weedon

Chris Brearley CB

Ann Shaw OBE

Leonard Spencer


Chris Lloyd

Nena Spellen

Richard Struck


Tony Beirne, Director of Strategic Services
6 December 2006

The Development Control Committee welcomes contributions from members of the public to its discussion on agenda items. Contributions will be limited to one person speaking for and one against each item for not more than three minutes. Please note that, in the event of registering your interest to speak on an agenda item but not taking up that right because the item is deferred, you will automatically be given the right to speak on that item at the next meeting of the Development Control Committee. Details of the procedure and the list for registering the wish to speak will be available for a short period before the meeting.






To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 16 November 2006.

06 11 16 DC mins (doc)




Items of other business notified under Council Procedure Rule 31 to be announced, together with the special circumstances, which justify their consideration as a matter of urgency. The Chairman to rule on the admission of such items.




To receive any declarations of interest.




The following applications (agenda items 6 to 20) are submitted for the Committee's decision and, unless otherwise stated, staffing, financial and legal implications are not applicable. Environmental implications are dealt with in the individual reports.


06/1800/AOD - Approval of Details: Erection of 87 residential units, access, parking and landscaping at SITE PREVIOUSLY NAMED MAPLE CROSS HOUSE, DENHAM WAY, MAPLE CROSS WD3 9SW for Persimmon Homes (Thames Valley) Ltd (Deferred)

06 12 14 DC i - (06) 06 1800 aod - maple cross house (doc)


06/1837/FUL - Erection of a 15m high slimline telecommunications mast and associated equipment including 3 antennas and 3 equipment cabinets within fenced compound at LAND AT SARAH'S BRIDGE, SOLESBRIDGE LANE, CHORLEYWOOD, HERTS for 02 (UK) Limited

06 12 14 DC i - (07) 06 1837 ful - sarahs bridge (doc)


06/1846/FUL - Extension of existing mast from 20m to 25m with additional antennae, 2 dishes and four equipment cabins within existing compound to allow mast sharing at LAND AT SARAH'S BRIDGE, SOLESBRIDGE LANE, CHORLEYWOOD, HERTS for Orange PLC

06 12 14 DC i - (08) 06 1846 ful - sarahs bridge ext to mast (doc)


06/1849/FUL - Single storey side extension, first floor side extension, loft conversion with roof alterations and one velux window to front and rear dormer window at 116 BALDWINS LANE, CROXLEY GREEN for Mr C Byrne

06 12 14 DC i - (09) 06 1849 ful - 116 baldwins lane (doc)


06/1860/AOD - Approval of Details: Erection of a new dwelling at FIR TREES, QUICKLEY RISE, CHORLEYWOOD for Mr and Mrs Pilkington

06 12 14 DC i - (10) 06 1860 aod - fir trees (doc)


06/1265/CAC and 06/1888/FUL - Demolition of boundary wall and erection of replacement wall with passing place and parking area at 4 BERKS HILL, CHORLEYWOOD for Yeoman Homes Ltd

06 12 14 DC i - (11) 06 1265 cac and 06 1888 ful - 4 berks hill (doc)


06/1948/OUT - Outline application for the demolition of all existing buildings (4,921 sq metres gross floorspace) and redevelopment for residential use (Class C3) comprising 41 houses and flats (3,925 sq metres gross) 84-bed residential care home (4,332 sq. metres gross), alterations to existing vehicular access, car parking and associated landscaping at IMPERIAL MACHINE CO LTD, HARVEY ROAD, CROXLEY GREEN WD3 3AX for Mr Martin Craddock

06 12 14 DC i - (12) 06 1948 out - imperial machine co (doc)

06 12 14 DC i - (12) 06 1948 out - imperial machine co-app01 (doc)


06/1958/FUL - Single storey and two storey side and rear extensions and front porch at 38 CHESTNUT AVENUE, RICKMANSWORTH for Mr S Barchha Esq

06 12 14 DC i - (13) 06 1958 ful - 38 chestnut avenue (doc)


06/1983/FUL - Erection of a wind turbine to the side of dwelling at 68 BROOKDENE AVENUE, OXHEY HALL WD19 4LF for Mr Andrew Scarth

06 12 14 DC i - (14) 06 1983 ful - 68 brookdene avenue (doc)


06/2011/FUL and 06/2039/CAC - Rebuild of demolished dwellinghouse to create new dwellinghouse with retained facade, to include two storey side extension and two storey rear extensions with two rear dormer windows at 26 RUSSELL ROAD, MOOR PARK, HERTS HA6 2LR for Mr J Patel. Retrospective: Demolition of substantial part of dwelling to leave front façade and erection of replacement dwelling at 26 RUSSELL ROAD, MOOR PARK, HERTS, HA6 2LR for Mr J Patel

06 12 14 DC i - (15) 06 2039 cac and 06 2011 ful - 26 russell road (doc)


06/2017/FUL - Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension and conversion of garage to habitable accommodation at 55 CHICHESTER WAY, GARSTON WD25 9TY for Mrs Turner

06 12 14 DC i - (16) 06 2017 ful - 55 chichester way (doc)


06/2037/FUL - Demolition of pair of semi-detached houses and erection of two storey block of 4 no 2 bed flats plus parking for 6 cars at 1-3 THE GREENWAY, RICKMANSWORTH, HERTS, WD3 8XH for Mazk Developments Ltd

06 12 14 DC i - (17) 06 2037 ful - 1-3 the greenway (doc)


06/2053/FUL - Amendment to planning permission 06/0811/FUL: Two storey rear extension, single storey front and side extensions, front porch and rear conservatory. (Tiled roofs over both single storey side extensions in place of thatched roofs) at CHENIES, BRIDLE LANE, LOUDWATER, HERTFORDSHIRE WD3 4JA for Mr and Mrs Meddeman

06 12 14 DC i - (18) 06 2053 ful - chenies (doc)


06/2067/FUL - Removal of existing bridge and replace with new bridge suitable for use as part of a bridleway/cycleway at THE AQUADROME, FROGMOOR LANE, RICKMANSWORTH WD3 1NB for Three Rivers District Council

06 12 14 DC i - (19) 06 2067 ful - the aquadrome (doc)


06/2078/FUL - New disabled access ramp to the front of the building at FIELD STUDY, CHORLEYWOOD HOUSE ESTATE, RICKMANSWORTH ROAD for Three Rivers District Council

06 12 14 DC i - (20) 06 2078 ful - field study (doc)


OTHER BUSINESS - If approved under item 3.




"that under Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972 the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following item(s) of business on the grounds that it/they involve(s) the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined under paragraphs 1-7 of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Act. It has been decided by the Council that in all the circumstances, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information."


(Note: If other confidential business is approved under item 3, it will also be necessary to specify the class of exempt or confidential information in the additional items).


OTHER BUSINESS - If approved under Item 3 above.


Consideration to authorise prosecution against Mr G T Dunnell (agent) and Mr J Patel (applicant) for demolition without Conservation Area Consent of a substantial part of the dwelling at 26 RUSSELL ROAD, MOOR PARK, HERTS HA6 2LR, under Sections 9 and 74 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990