Ashburnham play area


Enjoy lots of amazing activities as you explore the play area and experience the thrill of negotiating the zip wires high up between the trees like a modern-day Tarzan. The fantastic adventure playground area is exciting and includes hanging vines and climbing nets.  

What you'll find here...

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Zip Wire Basket Swing * Slide
Embankment Slide * Stepping Stones Climbing wall
 Hammock * Balance Beam  Log Climber 
Overhead See Saw Dish Roundabout * Suspension Bridge
2 Cradle Seat Swings* Trampoline Activity Trail


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Facilities Nearby 

The Centre

Additional Features

Bench, Picnic Table, Stile, Cycle Rack

Managed By

Three Rivers District Council
01923 776611     

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Ashburnham Drive, South Oxhey WD19 7PU