Nordic Walking

Turn your walk into a full body workout through Nordic walking. Nordic walking is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Classes range from gentle walks for people with health concerns, to workout walks, which are a great way to improve fitness, lose weight and tone the whole body.

Benefits of Nordic Walking 

✔    Suitable, effective and enjoyable for all abilities
✔    Tones the upper and lower body at the same time
✔    Uses 90% of the skeletal muscles
✔    Burns up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking
✔    Reduces the pressure on knees and joints
✔    Great for the heart and lungs
✔    Ideal for neck, shoulder & back problems
✔    Great for maintaining/building bone strength
✔    Can be done anywhere, roads, trails, hills and even in the snow!
✔    Sociable activity which is easy to learn 
✔    Exercise outdoors has proven to boost mood

Learn to Nordic Walk


Four week course aimed at beginners to Nordic Walking, offering a gentle introduction to Nordic Walking and learning the correct techniques using the poles. 

Rickmansworth Aquadrome Monday 8 - 29 January 2018 (4 week course) 9.30am  £25 Click here to book

Rickmansworth Aquadrome Monday 5 - 26 March 2018 (4 week course) 9.30am £25 Click here to book

Leavesden Country Park Friday 5th - 26th January 2018 (4 week course) 10am £25 Click here to book

Regular Wellbeing walks


Simply enjoy sociable Nordic Walking in stunning locations with a mixed ability group. Led by an accredited instructor these walks make the most of our beautiful parks and open spaces and are a relaxing way to enjoy being active outdoors. 

These walks include exercises that help with flexibility, balance and strength whilst using poles to improve general fitness and increase joint mobility.



To Book

Rickmansworth Aquadrome

Every Monday  10.30am-11.15am

£5 (£2 Pole Hire) Click Here 

Leavesden Country Park

 Every Friday 10am-10.45am

£5 (£2 Pole Hire) Click Here 


Can't make a day or time above check out the other walks being offered by Three Rivers approved instructors at Sunshine Nordic Walkers and Nordic Walking Watford