Chorleywood Wonder Wood

The proposed Wonder Wood on Chorleywood Common is to be a unique play space, in keeping with the natural environment. All equipment will be made from natural, raw, untreated English Oak wood.

What will this play space look like?

chorleywood-play.pngConceptual images can be seen at Appendix 1 – designed by Wildwood Dens UK who have recently installed two smaller wild wood dens on the A404 side of Chorleywood Common, which is the opposite side of the common to site 15a. All elements of the play space will be natural and will create a habitat as the wood will also form insect hotels.

To read more about the site, view the FAQs Chorleywood Wonder Wood 2017 Oct (pdf)

The FAQ produced by TRDC headed Chorleywood - Wonder Wood Project and published on its website with our logo contain the Council's official comments and views on the project

The document headed "Site 15A facts and More" in circulation which has been produced on the same lines and using the same format is Not a Council publication. The views thoughts and opinions expressed in that document are not those of the Council and belong to the authors/publishers.


Chorleywood Common is already a natural play space – why is this needed?

chorleywood-play-2.pngThe Wonder Wood concept gives children the opportunity to use their whole body and develop their gross motor skills. The space will allow children to challenge themselves and take part in risky play within a safe environment, which is an important part of self-development and awareness. The concept will include the opportunity for swinging, climbing, jumping and balancing as well as sensory play, which is extremely important for those with additional needs.

The Wonder Wood will also be a focal point and meeting point for many children and their families, giving children the opportunity to interact, socialise and meet new people, which is an important aspect for developing social skills. The combination of the play space, with the natural environment will also help to develop and nurture children’s understanding and appreciation of nature and the habitats that surround them. It is hoped that by creating this natural play space, it will encourage more children and families to access the common.

More Information

FAQs Chorleywood Wonder Wood 2017 Oct (pdf)
Appendix 1 - Wildwood UK design concept (pdf)
Appendix 2 - Ecological Impact Assessment (pdf)
Site 15A Tree Survey August 2017 (pdf)

Proposed Location of Chorleywood Wonder Wood