Rope ladder replaced at Baldwins Lane play area

31st July 2015

Girl with rope ladder, Baldwins Lane play area

Baldwins Lane play area was refurbished as part of our continued commitment to providing high quality play provision across the district. Extensive consultation was undertaken with the local community on what they would like to see included in the play area and this information was then used to inform the final design.

As with all play areas across the district, the site is routinely inspected by qualified inspectors and more comprehensive health and safety inspections are completed twice a year. During recent routine inspections, issues with the rope ladder have become apparent and as such were made safe, whilst investigations by the original contractor who installed the equipment took place. These investigations have resulted in the contractor agreeing to replace the rope ladder with a new one, which has now been completed.

Lead member for Leisure, Community and Wellbeing, Councillor Chris Lloyd, commented that:

“Three Rivers District Council is committed to installing high quality, challenging play environments for children and young people, as can be seen at Baldwins Lane, Barton Way and Scotsbridge play areas. The issues at Baldwins Lane have been dealt with effectively and efficiently by our Environmental Protection staff and have highlighted that the issues are as a result of faulty equipment.

"All of our play areas are maintained excellently by these staff members, who are quick to respond and deal with anything that may arise.”

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