Police and Crime Commissioner result

Kevin Snow16th November 2012

On 15 November 2012, voters elected Mr David Lloyd (Conservative Party) to serve until May 2016 as Hertfordshire's first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The turnout in Hertfordshire was 14.5 per cent and the turnout in the district of Three Rivers was 11.8 per cent. The four candidates who contested the election were Ms Sherma Batson (Labour Party Candidate), Mr David Edward Lloyd (The Conservative Party Candidate), Ms Marion Ann Mason (UKIP), and Mr Christopher Townsend (Liberal Democrat).

Under the supplementary voting system, voters were asked to indicate both a first and second preference from the four candidates. As no candidate received more than 50 per cent of the first preference votes, candidates Mr David Lloyd and Ms Sherma Batson progressed to the second round, as they had accrued the most first preference votes. The total number of valid first and second preference votes cast for these candidates is shown below.



 (Labour Party)   


David Edward LLOYD

(Conservative Party)

1st preference votes 34,528   54,686
2nd preference votes 8,302   10,899
Total Votes 42,830   65,585


The PCC is responsible for the way policing is delivered in the county. The PCC will decide how funding related to policing and crime reduction is allocated and, in consultation with the Chief Constable, set the strategic direction and objectives of the force through their Police and Crime Plan.

More information about the PCC and contact details for David Lloyd are available here...

For further information on PCCs, please visit the Home Office's website.

The Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel (PCP) has been established to scrutinise and support the work of the PCC. The PCC will be required to consult with the PCP on their plans for policing, as well as the council tax precept and certain key appointments. Broxbourne Borough Council is the host local authority for the PCP and will provide administrative and other support to the panel and its members. For further information on the PCP, please visit the Panel's website.