Electoral registration - don’t forget to return your form

05th October 2016


Canvassers working for the District Council are knocking on doors during October to make sure that everyone who is eligible will be able to vote. Council officers are visiting all homes where no Household Enquiry Form has been received in order to find out the number of people eligible to vote who are living at these addresses. Following changes in the law, each individual person must register if they want to vote – they can no longer be registered by the head of their household.

The canvas is a statutory process and the aim is to make sure the electoral register is accurate and up-to-date. The enquiry forms were delivered to all homes in Three Rivers during August.  The good news is that people can register to vote and fill in their Household Enquiry Form online... 

Registering to vote enables residents to vote in local and national elections.  Registering to vote can also help people’s credit rating which can increase their chances in obtaining loans, mobile phone and other contracts.

The updated register of electors will be published on 1 December.

More information about electoral registration and the HEF forms is here...

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