Beat the credit crunch - rent deposit scheme

Kevin Snow13th October 2008

Private homeowners and small business people who are struggling with mortgage and other credit payments may be helped by a novel scheme run by the District Council. The Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme covers the deposit for private tenants who are eligible for Housing Benefit. The contract provides coverage for damage and non-payment of rent in the usual way.

The District Council acts as an estate agent, linking up potential tenants with landlords at no charge. In addition, the Council’s housing team supplies all the legal paperwork for a tenancy agreement and completes a detailed inventory and video of the property. Both self-contained homes and rooms in houses may be eligible for the scheme.

Rachael Goates, from the Council’s housing team, said:

“Many small business people and home owners are struggling at the moment. This scheme is the easiest and cheapest way of advertising for suitable tenants.

“Any offer from a landlord is subject to their interviewing the tenant in the usual way and many years’ experience has shown that the scheme is a cost-efficient win-win for everyone concerned.”

All properties must be in a decent, habitable condition to be considered for the scheme.

More information is available from Rachael Goates on 01923 776611 or

Information is also available on the Private Housing pages of the website.

The Council’s housing services are provided equally to all clients regardless of their race, ethnic origin, religion, sex or sexual orientation, ability, disability and age.