Clinical Waste

Clinical waste is any waste which poses a threat of infection to human and is mainly produced by hospitals, doctor surgeries, and vets.  However it also originates from private households.  

Examples of clinical waste include

  • Infectious bodily fluids including blood and tissue.
  • Infected swabs and dressings.
  • Syringes and needles.


You do not need a clinical waste collection for the following types of waste which can be placed in your refuse bin.  These items should be placed in a bin liner and securely tied before placing in your refuse bin.

  • Incontinence products.
  • Stoma bags.
  • Catheter bags.
  • Dressings.

Application Forms

  • If you need a sharps box collection for syringes and needles please contact us on 01923 776611 or complete and return the Sharps Application Form (doc). For a sharps box only collection your healthcare provider does not need to sign up.
  • If you think your waste is infectious your healthcare provider will need to complete the Orange Sack form (doc) to confirm this before a separate collection can be arranged.  Please contact us on 01923 776611 for further details. 

For queries contact our Customer Service Centre on 01923 776611 or email