Local Nature Reserves

There are six Local Nature Reserves which are owned and managed by Three Rivers District Council. 

Rickmansworth Aquadrome
Chorleywood House Estate
Croxley Common Moor
Oxhey Woods
Prestwick Road Medows
Withey Beds

Regular volunteer days and children's activities, take place at each of the Local Nature Reserves. For more information contact Kay FitzGerald on 01923 776611 or e-mail kay.fitzgerald@threerivers.gov.uk.

The Aquadrome Local Nature Reserve

Chorleywood House Estate Local Nature Reserve

Croxley Common Moor Local Nature Reserve

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Oxhey Woods

Oxhey Wood location map - DOWNLOAD

Volunteer Days at Oxhey Woods

The Oxhey Woods Conservation Volunteers work with the Council and the Countryside Management Service to help keep Oxhey Woods special. 

The Oxhey Woods Conservation Volunteers hold regular volunteer days and everyone is welcome to lend a helping hand. 

Prestwick Road Meadows

Prestwick Road MeadowsPrestwick Road Meadows Local Nature Reserve is a remnant of old farm meadows in South Oxhey. The ancient hedgerows that separated the fields can still be seen today.

More than 97% of flower rich hay meadows and pastures have been lost since the 1940s and this is one of the few meadows that has survived untouched.

Summer is the best time to see Prestwick Road Meadow in flower, although the seasonal pond can be a hive of activity with tadpoles, frogs, herons, butterflies and dragonflies.

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Prestwick Road Meadows location map - DOWNLOAD

The Withey Beds

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