Land Pollution

Contamination is one or more substances (such as lead, metals, petrol, solvents, etc.) whose presence is resulting in, or may result in harm to the people, or the built and natural environments. 'Contamination issues' therefore covers a wide range of issues that relate to contamination/pollution of the built or rural environments.

Contaminated Land is land that is affected by contaminants and has the potential to impact the human and natural environments. While contamination issues are dealt with by a wide range of legislation, the main piece of legislation available to the Council to deal with contaminated land issues is Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

This legislation provides the following statutory definition of contaminated land. Statutory guidance also clarifies this definition identifying the types of harm that will result in land being identified as contaminated land:

"any land which appears to the local authority in whose area it is situated to be in such a condition, by reason of substances in, on or under the land, that:

(a) significant harm is being caused or there is a significant possibility of such harm being caused; or

(b) pollution of controlled waters is being, or is likely to be caused..."

You can download the Council's Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy below

downloadable document icon Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy. DOWNLOAD