Fire Precaution

Fire Precautions for tenants

1. Make sure that all members of your family (age permitting) are familiar with the escape route or routes which have been approved by the Local Authority, and know how to call the Fire Brigade. The evacuation procedures should be discussed with the landlord's representatives to ensure that your information is correct. Where possible all residents should take part in fire drills.

2. Buildings, which have been inspected under housing laws in relation to means of escape in case of fire, will be required to maintain specific escape routes. These will normally involve the internal stairway down to the street, and every occupier will be required to ensure that their front entrance door or other doors between their accommodation and the stairway are self-closing, and also that the stairway is not obstructed or used for storage purposes of any kind. DO NOT PROP OPEN FIRE DOORS OR BREAK THE SELF CLOSERS. These are provided for your safety.

3. Even when you are at home do not leave children alone, especially in rooms where heating or cooking appliances are in use, and keep matches and lighters out of their reach.

4. Never fill a chip pan more than a third full with oil or fat and never leave the pan unattended with the heat turned on. If you do have a chip pan fire don't move it and don't throw water on it - turn off the heat if it is safe to do so, smother the flames with a damp cloth, fire blanket or the chip pan lid and leave the pan to cool for at least half an hour.

5. Keep an eye on the elderly - make sure they take sensible fire precautions, especially with cigarettes and pipes. Remind them to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using electric blankets.

6. Don't smoke in bed - it is a major cause of fires in the home. Always finish your last cigarette or pipe before going into the bedroom and make sure that you have put it out properly.

7. Wherever possible portable heaters should not be used. When this cannot be avoided they should be kept well away from furniture and furnishings. See that nothing can fall onto them and that they are in place where they cannot be knocked over. Paraffin heaters should never be filled while they are alight. MOBILE BOTTLED GAS HEATERS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

8. Do not keep spare paraffin containers in your flat or room. Ask your landlord or caretaker whether the building has a safe place, approved by the local authority, in which they can be stored.

9. Routine precautions at bedtime should include the following:

  • Switch off all electrical appliances (except those that are designed to be left on all the time) and remove the plugs carefully - not by pulling  the flex.
  • Check for burning cigarettes or pipes.
  • Put a guard on any open fire. 
  • Close the doors of unoccupied rooms, especially KITCHENS.

10. Smoke alarms are strongly recommended in landings, halls, living rooms and bedrooms (except where those rooms are used for cooking).

11. In the event of a fire: GET OUT, CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE, STAY OUT