Filling in Application Forms

Here are some tips on filling in application forms:

Make sure you've got the right form
If you are applying for a number of positions make sure that you use the right form for the right position.

Photocopy the blank form
This will give you something to practice on, and make sure that the information fits the form.

Read the form first
Read the form thoroughly before you put pen to paper, that way you can make sure that you put the relevant information into the most relevant sections

Write clearly in quality black pen. The employer may want to photocopy the form. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Ask a friend to read your draft copy before you copy the information into the real application form.

Read all the instructions
If you are asked to write in block capitals make sure you write in block capitals.

Gather all information together
Get together all the information you may need before starting your application.

Complete all sections
Make sure that you complete all the sections on the form if a section isn't relevant to your application write Not Applicable

Photocopying the completed form
This will come in handy when invited for an interview to remind yourself what you wrote and the requirements of the job.